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If there is one thing that the COVID pandemic taught us it is that WIFI is not just a technological advancement that helps us to surf the internet and look at pictures of cute cats. Rather the internet is a very important tool that helps us run our businesses from home or do our work or study from home.

Let’s paint a picture of the worst case scenario. Imagine this. You’ve got an important client meeting in half an hour but your WIFI isn’t working and so you miss the meeting. In the best case scenario you end up rescheduling the meeting for another time, but in the worst case scenario because your WIFI wasn’t working, you lose your opportunity to talk to your prospective client and you lose a deal worth thousands of dollars. That would be devastating.

Being without WIFI is could cost you thousands of dollars professionally, or personally and it’s just not worth the risk. You are best to contact us because we specialise in WIFI solutions and can help you when you need us.

Although we are a small computer and WIFI solutions company, we can help businesses of any size, so whether you’re just a small local convenience store, or an operator of a large shopping centre, we can tailor our solutions to your individual needs. We don’t just help businesses with their WIFI solutions though. We can also assist individuals with home WIFI connections including apartment complexes. This includes setting up WIFI in several locations, so if you have two apartment complexes on other sides of Melbourne we can get that sorted for you. Our WIFI solutions cover inside and outside areas, so if you’re running a cafe with an outside dining area your customers will be able to enjoy the use of WIFI while they enjoy their coffee.

We are the best WIFI solutions company because we take the time to understand your needs and we don’t operate on a one size fits all model.. Although two local cafes may both need WIFI, they may have different needs. It will depend on how much data they intend to use and if they’re going to offer WIFI to customers. It also depends on the location of the cafe and what hardware they use.

Before our WIFI solutions specialists make a recommendation or even get to work on installing and configuring your WIFI, they will survey your site to understand exactly what it is you need. If you’re not sure what you need then pick up the phone and give us a call so we can help you.

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