Our Policy

…no solution, no charge

Computer Emphasis’s policy of “no solution, no charge” means that if we are unable to resolve your computer problems, then you will not be charged for our services.
However, in some instances, the solution to your computer troubles may call for an upgrade or the replacement of your software or hardware. If we advise you that this is the case and you choose not to upgrade or replace the software or hardware, then you acknowledge that we have met our commitment to you by providing a solution to your problem, whether or not you choose to implement that solution. Therefore, in such cases, you will be charged for our services.

Our onsite services are warranted for 30 days. If you notify us of a problem with the service you were provided within this period, and our resolution indicates that our services were not satisfactory, then we will work to provide a solution to your problem as quickly as possible at no additional charge.

As the customer, you understand that computers are complex in nature and sometimes problems are more deeply rooted or complicated than initially diagnosed. You accept that a problem which occurs within the warranty period may be unrelated to the work we have performed and is therefore outside the scope of our services guarantee.

When we sell you equipment, hardware or software, we may resell such equipment, hardware or software on behalf of a third party manufacturer or licensor. If there is a problem with any equipment or hardware we provide you, your concern rest with the manufacturer or licensor of such equipment, hardware or software and not with us.

We do not warrant that the operation of any software we install or service will be uninterrupted or error free.  You acknowledge that software (and information technology and communications products generally), including your software, may have errors and may encounter unexpected problems, and accordingly, you may experience downtime and errors in the use of this software.  You also acknowledge that your use of such software may be subject to a third party licence.

We also reserve the right to discontinue providing any or all services if, in our reasonable opinion, the minimum system requirements are not met or your technical needs (including wiring or overcoming physical or technical barriers) or other requirements are unusual or extensive and beyond the scope of our services or;

    • we consider that your equipment is beyond reasonable service repai
    • our Computer Emphasis technician is concerned for his or her safety or
    • any other factor or event beyond our reasonable control prevents us providing services
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