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Without computers a lot of us would be lost. When people think of computers though they imagine children playing computer games or adults sharing pictures of cats or their family members on holiday. They often don’t consider that computers are very important work tools. It doesn’t matter whether you’re operating a small business from home, or a large business, you can’t do it without a computer.

After you’ve sorted out your hardware, you need to think about your software. Are you in a role that requires a lot of word processing? If so then you’re going to need software that will assist you with your writing. That is where Microsoft Word comes in. Microsoft Word is part of the Office 365 package and can be used for creating and sharing documents. Unlike its predecessors that were created several years ago, it operates via the cloud, which means that whenever there is a new update, you will see a prompt on the screen to update the software so that you have all the new features.

Microsoft 365 doesn’t just include Word. It also includes Excel which you can use to maintain financial records or other large amounts of data such as client lists and then there is PowerPoint which is great for those times when you need to make a presentation to colleagues.

Of course, with more and more people working from home these days it’s really important than staff and managers can share documents anytime of the day or night. SharePoint helps with this. Then there is Microsoft Teams for those times when an email won’t do and you need to have a video or voice conversation.

If this all sounds confusing then that’s where we can help. Our team of IT experts specialise in Microsoft Office 365 services and will look at what you use your computers for and what software programs you use. There’s no point having a software program if you’re not going to use it. On the flip side though, we can talk you through all the features of the software programs that you will use so that you can get the most out of them and maximise the software. This will ensure that you can get your job done more efficiently and effectively.

Our Microsoft Office 365 service support doesn’t stop with the installation of the software. We can also assist you with troubleshooting. Our staff are only too happy to share our knowledge and experience with you so you’re not left in the dark.

A lot of people are in the dark about Microsoft Office 365 not just being available on desktop and laptop computers. It can also be used on mobile devices. If this is the first you’ve heard of such a thing then pick up the phone and give our friendly staff a call. We’ll demonstrate how to install the software on your mobile devices (including iPads and tablets or smartphones) and will then walk you through the mobile features, so you can do your work on the go.

If you have any further questions about our Microsoft Office 365 service offering then give us a call today.

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