Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrade Service

  • Is your PC running too slow?
  • Is your hard drive full?
  • Do you need more memory or a faster processor?
  • Has your system slowed down recently for no reason?

If so, then chances are your computer needs an upgrade which essentially makes slow computers faster again.

Using only the best of quality parts, Computer Emphasis provides computer upgrades of existing computers in order to resolve some of the above issues. We can upgrade;

  • memory
  • hard disks
  • CPU’s
  • Motherboards
  • CD/DVD Burners and
  • operating systems

As part of the upgrade service, we back up your data to ensure that it is not lost.

Alternatively, we can offer new computer solutions to suit your requirements and we will assemble them with your choice of components or using our quality parts. As PC’s have many components working together with your operating system, some of these can be upgraded and in some cases it may be more cost effective to purchase a new computer. Rest assured that that our highly trained technicians will advise you whether this is right for you.

It may be just a single computer or a whole computer network which requires an upgrade, which is often a cheap and effective way of increasing performance.

As part of our office/business upgrade service we will;

  • engage in project planning and management
  • provide you with upgrade advice on hardware, software and operating systems and
  • integrate, test and install the upgrade from start to finish

We will work with you to ensure a 100% positive result every time.

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